Letter from the Directors

ISDP continues working towards its core mission of contributing to global peace, security, and stability, and expanding understanding of international affairs.

The Institute hosts a significant number of guest researchers, visiting scholars, and delegations, who contributes to ongoing policy debate both in Sweden and internationally with their knowledge and expertise. In addition, ISDP continues to conduct workshops and seminars, both in Stockholm and in the Institute’s countries of research.

The Asia Program maintains a strong focus on China, Myanmar, and the Korean Peninsula. Due to increased funding from the European Union, the Myanmar Project in particular has grown considerably over the last year. ISDP has also increased its attention on Japan, which we hope to continue in 2016. Throughout the year, ISDP has implemented a range of activities within the Asia Program, which still functions as a network hub bridging the gap between academia and policy and providing timely information, analyses, and recommendations to the international policy community.

The Silk Road Studies Program maintains the core of its activities in the South Caucasus, the Black Sea Region, and Central Asia, with Georgia, Turkey, and Kazakhstan being the main focus countries in 2015. The program closely observes and assesses local developments and their implications with the ambition of remaining at the forefront of analysis on international affairs. The program’s articles have been published in leading analytical outlets in international affairs around the world, where they have been highly sought after and widely read.

The Center for Transnational Threats continues to monitor organized crime in the Baltic Sea Region. In addition, the initiative has implemented “No Green Drugs,” a project funded by the Public Health Agency of Sweden examining the environmental consequences of drug production.

ISDP greatly appreciates its partnerships in Sweden and around the world and the support we receive. Our main goal for the future is to continue to further strengthen our expertise in our countries of research.

We look forward to expanding on existing co-operation with our partners, as well as starting new initiatives, receiving your comments about our work, and meeting you at our events and seminars.


Niklas Swanström & Svante Cornell

Directors of ISDP