Helen Tung is an advocate, barrister and mediator specialising in maritime security and international law.  She is a registered technical consultant with the International Maritime Organisation and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

She has experience in dispute resolution, arbitration, litigation, and mediation and has interests in maritime security, maritime silk road, and law of the sea, unmanned systems, GNSS and space.

She holds an LLB in European, Comparative and International law from the University of Sheffield and Tilburg (Erasmus exchange).  Currently she is working on her PhD in maritime security and international law at the University of Greenwich examining international regulations with regards to Private Maritime Security Companies.  Previously Helen conducted research at City University of Hong Kong, the British Institute of Comparative and International Law and the Foundation of Environmental Law and Development.

She is a VP of the Aviation committee at the Inter-Pacific Bar Association, member of the Maritime Autonomous Regulatory & Safety Working Group, and YGNSS and Space Law & Policy Committee of the Space Generation Advisory Council.

She will spend two months at ISDP.