Publications by ISDP

  • Made in China 2025

    Summary MIC 2025 is an initiative which strives to secure China’s position a global powerhouse in high-tech industries. The aim is to reduce China’s reliance on foreign technology imports and […]

  • A Return to War: Militarized Conflicts in Northern Shan State

    Introduction Myanmar’s internal armed conflict erupted in 1948 just after it gained independence from Britain. The principle armed actors in Myanmar’s civil wars have involved the Myanmar Defense Services, or […]

  • China’s Role in UN Peacekeeping

    Summary From the 1980s China has a more active foreign policy agenda and by the 1990s is contributing personnel to UN Peacekeeping missions. China is now the second largest contributor […]

  • China’s Presidential Election: The Role of the NPC

    Summary • This year begins the inauguration of the 13th NPC, which will run until March 2023. • China’s NPC of around 3,000 delegates will meet in March 2018 and […]

  • National Congress of the Communist Party

    Summary: The NCCPC is held in Beijing every 5 years in October or November. It consists of approximately 2,300 delegates. Primarily, it serves to: Reshuffle of the Political positions in […]

  • THAAD on the Korean Peninsula

    The issue of the deployment of THAAD in South Korea has stayed central both in South Korea’s domestic debates, as well as to the country's strategic position. This backgrounder, originally published by ISDP in November 2016, has been updated with recent developments on this topic.

  • Human Rights in China

    Summary The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has chosen to promote collective rights such as the right to development. The PRC can improve human rights conditions further. However, due to […]

  • Turkey’s Kurdish Conflict: 2015-Present

    Summary The Suruç bombing in July 2016 flared up Turkey’s most significant intra-state conflict. Since July 2015, more than 2,300 people have been killed in violent clashes. Western Turkish cities […]

  • Sino-Nordic Relations: Opportunities and the Way Ahead

    This report provides a study the relationships between the People’s Republic of China and the “Nordic” countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It will pay particular attention to the possibilities for joint Nordic regional cooperation to serve as basis for such relation. ISDP has assessed challenges and shortcomings to these relationships, and proposes a series of opportunities as to how China and the Nordic countries can expand upon beneficial mutual engagements whilst mitigating risks to core ideals and interests.

  • 中国—北欧关系: 机遇与前景

    本《报告》研究了中华人民共和国与北 欧国家(即丹麦、芬兰、冰岛、挪威、瑞典五国)之间的关系,并特别关注了 北欧以联合的地区合作为基础与中国开展合作的可能性。瑞典安全和 发展政策研究所评估了上述关系的弱点 及所面临的挑战,并为中国与北欧国家 如何在双边互惠交往中实现关系拓展, 并降低危及核心理念及利益的风险指明 了一系列机遇。