Dr. Sangsoo Lee holds an M.A. and Ph.D. in Northeast Asian Studies from Peking University. During the course of his Ph.D. he researched in depth the Contemporary History of Northeast Asia and International Relations with a focus on China, Japan and Korea.

Dr. Lee is a Senior Research Fellow with the Asia Program project Conflict and Crisis Management, Energy and Environment in Northeast Asia. His areas of interest are International Relations, Regional Cooperation and Security issues in Northeast Asia. He is also coordinating the Conflict and Crisis Management Project for the Asia program and is the editor of the Korean Peninsula Newsletter.

Dr. Lee is a Visiting Researcher at the Northeast-Asia Institute of Peking University, and has worked at the Japan Forum on International Relations, INC and the Comparative Regional Integration Studies Program of the United Nation University (UNU-CRIS) in Bruges. He was a guest researcher at the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program of Uppsala University in spring 2007 and at the Asia Research Center of London School of Economics (LSE) in Summer 2011.

He speaks Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English.

Publications by Sangsoo Lee 李相洙