Korean Peninsula

The Korean Peninsula remains one of the main concerns of the international community, with problems relating to the nuclear issue and military tension resulting from lack of trust and confidence, as well as contrasting ideas on the ways of reaching a solution on the North Korean nuclear issue. It is widely understood that communication and information sharing is an imperative part of building trust and understanding between countries with such a complicated security situation as the ones on the Korean Peninsula.

The main goal of this project is to promote confidence and peace buildings on the Korean Peninsula by providing a platform for dialogue between the key regional actors. The importance of ISDP’s dialogue process lies principally in the opportunity for information exchange between parties and in discerning their views, as well as to serve as a sounding board for the discussion of ideas and proposals.

This project is also dedicated to providing analysis of issues relating to the Korean Peninsula. The main research focus is confidence building measures on the Korean Peninsula. The main objectives are not only to be a bridge between academia and policy but also to provide strategic insights and policy recommendations to decision-makers in governments and research institutions in the region.

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