Amnesty for Hong Kong extradition bill protesters would heal society and close rifts with mainland China

Commentaries and Op-eds July 17, 2019, South China Morning Post

The continuing political crisis in Hong Kong has reached, in the words of Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, an impasse.

The impasse stems principally from the government’s refusal to extend amnesty to arrested protesters whom Lam and the police have deemed rioters (subsequent non-retraction retractions notwithstanding), citing defence of the rule of law. While not acceding to any of the demands of protesters, Lam has pledged to “listen” to the people of Hong Kong more sincerely and engage with young people more proactively through “dialogues”.

The government is merely dissembling. Its “listening” and “dialogues” are pure window dressing rooted in Hong Kong’s political culture – Confucian authoritarianism, by which the old and rich are wise and the young and less well-off immature, uninformed or “spoiled” – and doomed to failure.

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