Singapore is no alternative for Hongkongers angered by loss of freedoms – the Lion City’s restraints go far beyond Hong Kong’s

Commentaries and Op-eds October 25, 2019, South China Morning Post

As Hongkongers who decry the erosion of freedoms look elsewhere, it’s worth remembering they still enjoy rights Singaporeans do not. For example, a counterpart to the hated Emergency Regulations Ordinance is a regular law in the Lion City.

Hong Kong has seen more than four months of increasingly violent protests, prompted by Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s now-withdrawn extradition bill and allegations of escalating police brutality. Predictably, many Hongkongers are looking to emigrate to a happier, freer land.

It therefore strikes me as puzzling that one of the countries Hongkongers, who long for democracy, rights and freedoms, consider moving to is Singapore.

Having lived in Singapore, where I read for my doctorate a decade ago, I offer some immigration advisory beyond the similar skyscrapers and cultural and ethnic surrounds.

The protests in Hong Kong could not have happened in Singapore for the same reasons they could not have happened in mainland China, even if the Singapore government deploys slightly different means.

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