Our work at ISDP is strengthened by engaging with sponsors, who share our interests in interpreting and informing the policy debate. The support provided by sponsors to the Institute is invaluable and allows us to expand and improve our work, and to sustain our independence. We acknowledge and appreciate all support to the Institute, and are humbled by your confidence in our work.

The Institute is proud to work closely with its sponsors. ISDP also benefits from generous gifts from our donors. If you are interested in donating to ISDP, please visit the Support Page. Should you like further information, please contact Deputy Director Malin Almquist at malmquist@isdp.eu.

The sponsors presented below are our main sponsors, currently. They are divided into the categories of core sponsors, project sponsors and conference sponsors.



The European Azerbaijani Society

European Council on Foreign Relations

European Union

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Korea Foundation

Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom


Utrikesdepartementet [Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs]

Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

Telia Sonera


Conference Sponsors

Academy of Military Science, China

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond