ISDP reopens the Stockholm Korea Center

March 2024: On behalf of the Institute of Security and Development Policy, I am honored to announce that the Stockholm Korea Center will be reopened through the gracious support of the Korea Foundation.

Having worked with many different issues related to the Korean Peninsula, both from a practical approach on the ground and from a more research-oriented approach for several years, I am thrilled to take on the responsibility as the new Head of the Center. Further strengthening collaboration with our many partners is one area I particularly would like to foster. In continuation with its previous commitments, the ISDP Stockholm Korea Center strives to be the leading hub for policy-oriented Korea studies in the Nordic region. The Center is envisioned as a long-term research and dialogue initiative and plans to function as an unbiased platform in which issues and perspectives can be aired and debated constructively.

Best regards,

Maj Gen (ret.) Mats Engman 

Distinguished Military Fellow, Head of ISDP’s Stockholm Korea Center