Dr. Carl le Grand is a Associated Senior Research Fellow with ISDP’s Stockholm Japan Center. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology and is Professor Emeritus at Stockholm University, Department of Sociology. He has held positions such as Researcher at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University; Professor at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University and Chair of the Department of Sociology at Stockholm University. Furthermore, he has been a Visiting professor at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, and at Ritsumeikan University, both in Kyoto, Japan.

The overall subject of Dr. le Grand’s research is social stratification and inequality in the labor market. The main theme within this framework is how social structures in the labor market affect the opportunities and restrictions of individuals in their work. The types of structural contexts Dr. le Grand has principally studied are characteristics of the work organization and the firm where the employee is employed, and the characteristics of the job or work position that the individual holds in the firm. In connection to this, he has studied matters, such as the relationship between occupational sex segregation and the gender wage gap; the impact of job shifts, between and within firms, on workers’ earnings progression, and how different welfare state arrangements affect women’s labor market outcomes. In recent years his research has primarily revolved about the situation of immigrants in the Swedish labor market.