Mr. James Hannan was an intern at ISDP’s Stockholm Korea Center February-June 2019. Mr. Hannan holds a bachelor’s degree with high honors from the State University of New York at Oswego in History and International Relations, obtained in May 2017. His coursework focused on Russia and Eastern European affairs following the collapse of the Soviet Union, with a concentration on the Ukrainian Crisis and annexation of Crimea. During this time, Mr. Hannan spent one semester abroad at Charles University in Prague, Czechia, where he focused on the formation of post-Soviet states in Central Europe.

In terms of professional experience, Mr. Hannan spent seven months as an Assistant Research Intern at the Institute for International Relations in Prague (IIR), supporting senior researchers with projects ranging from the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula to the effectiveness of UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon. Following this, Mr. Hannan interned at the United Nations First Committee of the 73rd General Assembly and the United Nations Security Council as a UN Liaison for the Global Security Institute (GSI). He was tasked with monitoring talks and publishing daily briefings, with a focus on denuclearization. He also assisted other organizations (PEAC Institute, Reaching Critical Will) with drafting reports on the events of First Committee, and attended numerous side events held by UN delegations and NGOs. Currently, Mr. Hannan is undergoing the application process to several Postgraduate degree programs across Europe, with the goal to commence studies in the fall of 2019.

His research interests include: security and development, denuclearization, Korean security affairs, Russian relations, Ukrainian Crisis, Post-Soviet development, regional security cooperation in North East Asia.