Associated Senior Research Fellow

Mr. Lars Rylander holds a Master of Political Science from Stockholm University. He has more than 35 years experience of international development and development cooperation. He has served for Sida, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Trade, the International Labour Organization and worked as an independent consultant for more than 25 years. He has broad experience in development management and has specialised in structures and systems for goal oriented and results based management. He has drafted handbooks on the subject for development agencies as well as civil society organisations. Moreover, he has been assigned as team leader and member in planning, facilitation and evaluation of complex development interventions in areas related to poverty alleviation, including policies and strategies for inclusive job-rich growth, market and trade development, and in management reviews of development institutions. He has done assignments for Sida, Norad, Danida, DFID, the World Bank, the European Commission and the ILO as well as for ministries in developing countries.

Besides numerous consultancy reports, Lars Rylander is the author or co-author of among other: Sweden as Partner in International Development (Sida, 1983), Perspectives on Multilateral Assistance – A review by the Nordic UN Project (1992), Aid Management, Strategies for Effectiveness Concentration and Graduation, Project 2015 (Sida, 1997), Lessons Learned from Development Cooperation with Russia, Swedish support to the reform process 1991 – 2008 (Sida, 2009) and ILO support to countries committed to an integrated application of the Global Jobs Pact (ILO, 2011).

Publications by Lars Rylander