Privacy Policy

ISDP greatly values a straight line of communication with those interested in our work, and for this reason maintains emailing lists containing personal data of Subscribers consisting of the Subscribers’ names and email addresses. The lists are used to send out information about new publications, upcoming forums and events, and subscribers can at any time decide to take themselves off the lists, either by clicking on the footer of a promotional email, or by contacting us directly.

General Information

ISDP is located in Sweden and is legally responsible to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Subscribers’ Rights

The Institute is obliged to:

  • Present the Subscriber with his/her personal data that the Institute stores upon request
  • Correct stored data that is faulty upon request
  • Remove stored data upon request
  • The Subscriber has the right to object to his/her personal data being used for direct marketing

How Information is Gathered

Subscribers’ personal data is gathered by the Subscriber opting in on the emailing list and giving explicit consent to ISDP to use his/her personal data.

The Subscriber indicates upon opting in what kind of information the Subscriber wants to receive.

The information is saved on the Mailchimp emailing service and is erased when the Subscriber cancels the subscription.


In the event of incidents related to personal data, if the Institute is subjected to a data breach, or if the Institute in any other way loses control over stored personal data, the Institute follows the following  protocol:

  • All incidents are documented
  • If not unlikely that the incident entails risks for invididual liberty and individual rights the Institute reports the incident to the Data Protection Authority within 72 hours
  • If the incident could lead to individuals being subjected to serious risks such as discrimination, ID theft, fraud or financial crime the Institute informs the owner of the personal data to ensure that the owner can take precautions
  • Responsible for reporting incidents in the above described manner is the Administrative Office