The Institute for Security and Development Policy regularly issues a variety of publications ranging from shorter Policy Briefs to more comprehensive studies in its Asia and Silk Road Papers series. Explore the different series below.

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  • Recent Development Trends of Terrorism in Pakistan


  • New Juncture in EU-Turkey Relations?

    With the issuing of the EU Commission’s Progress Report on Turkey, it would appear that there is fresh impetus for EU-Turkey relations to be placed on an improved footing after […]

  • United against the West? Erdoğan and the Turkish generals

    The Turkish decision to choose a Chinese anti-missile system demonstrates Turkey’s ambition to forge an independent defense identity. It is another indication that the ruling Islamic conservatives do not feel […]

  • Erdogan VS. Koç Holding: Turkey’s New Witch Hunt

    Following the Taksim square protests, Prime Minister Erdogan has instigated a witch hunt targeting the country’s largest industrial conglomerate, the Koç Group. Since the Koç Group-owned Divan hotel allowed a […]

  • Erdogan Stokes the Sectarian Fires

    Turkey was supposed to be the stable, Muslim-majority democracy on which the United States could rely as a strategic partner in the Middle East. The demonstrations that rocked Turkey in […]

  • Crystallizing Faultlines: Turkey’s Democratic Durability At Risk

    In the aftermath of the anti-governmental Gezi demonstrations of May-June and the conclusion of the Ergenekon trial earlier this month, clear fault-lines are crystallizing in the Turkish political landscape, with […]

  • Erdoğan Unhinged: The Turkish Power Struggle after Taksim

    The popular upheavals in Turkey, and the harsh government crackdown on them, have reshuffled the power struggle that was already ongoing within Turkey’s Islamic conservative movement. Prime Minister Erdoğan’s ambitions […]

  • Turkey and Syria: A Slippery Slope

    Opinion letter on US-Turkish relations. Regarding the article “Turkey needs Obama’s help on Syria” (Views, May 18) by Soner Cagaptay and James F. Jeffrey: The United States should do the […]

  • Turkey, the Unhelpful Ally

    AMERICA’S stated goal is to remove President Bashar al-Assad from power in Syria. The United States also insists that any solution to the Syrian crisis should guarantee religious and ethnic […]

  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Turkey’s Internal Power Struggle

    In recent weeks, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has become increasingly outspoken in his criticism of the highly politicized court cases, such as Ergenekon and Sledgehammer, that have resulted […]