Our work at ISDP is strengthened by engaging with sponsors and funders, who share our interests in interpreting and informing the policy debate. The support provided by funders to the Institute is invaluable and allows us to expand and improve our work, and to sustain our independence. We acknowledge and appreciate funders’ support to the Institute, and are humbled by their confidence in our work.

ISDP seeks to cooperate with its funders concerning projects and deliverables. Nonetheless, ISDP does not accept influence or instructions by funders with regard to content or conclusions drawn in its analytical work, or concerning the division of responsibilities in ongoing projects.

This list includes core funding and project support, as well as commercial contracts, for the current year. 

Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre

Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Korea Foundation

Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kazakh­stan

Ministry of Unification, Republic of Korea

Mitsubishi Corporation Stockholm

Taipei Mission in Sweden

U.S. Department of State